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Updated New York Quick Reference Chart

The Immigrant Defense Project’s New York Quick Reference Chart has been revised and is now available with updates current as of July 2016.

This digital, subscription-based chart provides access to newly updated information about the possible immigration consequences of specific, commonly charged New York offenses. By subscribing today, your entire firm or organization will have access to the most recent edition of this resource until the next update. Subscribers will receive practice notes about significant legal developments and a discount on the next update, expected in fall 2017.

Pricing based on total operating budget/revenue

Subscription Rates:

Please note that members of the New York City 18b panel are not entitled to the non-profit rate. However, IDP offers free advice about the immigration consequences of convictions to assigned attorneys. Read more about the Padilla Support Center.

*501(c)(3) Non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount.
**501(c)(3) Non-profit organizations with fewer than 3 immigration attorneys (small non-profit organizations) receive a 50% discount.

Total Operating Budget/Revenue Less than $1 Million



Total Operating Budget/Revenue Between $1 and $5 Million



Total Operating Budget/Revenue More than $5 Million



Individuals or organizations who subscribe to the 2016 edition who renew their subscription in fall 2017 will be offered an additional 20% discount.

If you are experiencing significant financial hardship that prevents you from accessing our materials, please email Marie Mark (marie [at] immdefense [dot] org).

Subscription Agreement

By subscribing to the New York Quick Reference Chart (“the resource”) you are:

  • Agreeing not to distribute, reproduce, or otherwise provide or allow access to the resource to anyone, with the exception of individuals employed by your firm or organization. Agreeing that you may provide temporary use of the resource to interns or volunteers during the time they are engaged by your organization or firm for the purpose of their work on behalf of your organization or firm.
  • Agreeing to notify the Immigrant Defense Project immediately if you learn that an unauthorized person or entity has accessed the resource using your account or any other information provided by or obtained from you or your anyone at your organization.
  • Confirming that neither you nor any employee or member of your organization is involved in the prosecution or deportation of individuals or associated with any local, state or federal prosecution or enforcement agency.
  • Attesting that you have truthfully represented your organization’s operating budget or firm’s revenue in the most recent fiscal year in choosing your subscription price.

Upon processing your payment, you will receive an email with instructions about how you and the other advocates within your organization or firm can access the digital resource.