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Detention Litigation

IDP provides expert advice and support on detention-related litigation to ensure that all immigrants receive due process in matters of detention. IDP’s ongoing work includes support for habeas corpus petitions and other detention-related federal litigation, bond litigation before immigration courts, and related parole negotiations with administrative agencies.

Issues on which IDP has provided briefing and litigation support include, but are not limited to, prolonged mandatory detention based on previous criminal convictions or classification as an arriving alien, detention pending a final order of removal where actual removal is not reasonably foreseeable, procedures at administrative custody hearings or reviews that are unconstitutional or unauthorized by statute, detention of immigrants whose cases are administratively closed, and mandatory detention initiated at times other than when released from criminal incarceration.

IDP also offers amicus support and briefing on detention-related issues before appellate courts.

Attorneys and pro se litigants are encouraged to contact Anthony Enriquez via the form below for consulting, drafting, and technical support for detention-related litigation.